Oahu Fine Art Printmaking Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Naoki Hayashi

About 100 years ago in Japan, fishermen created gyotaku prints to record their prized catches. Gyotaku is created by pressing rice paper onto a fish covered with ink or paint.

Artist Naoki Hayashi began making gyotaku prints at age 11. Since then he has refined and mastered his unique gyotaku process. Each of Naoki's gyotaku pieces is created using non-toxic acrylic paints and Japanese shoji paper. As an avid diver and fisher, Naoki views each gyotaku as a window into the underwater world he sees when diving in Hawaii's beautiful ocean waters. His art features fish in true life color and in compositions that reflect how they are found in nature. Naoki has a deep respect for the ocean and its creatures. Thus, he will only create gyotaku art from fish that will be eaten. Each of his gyotaku pieces is both a record of a fish and a meal shared with friends and family.

Contact us and make an appointment at (808) 330-2823 if you would like to come by the Kaneohe studio. 

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John McCaskill - Studio Jomac

John McCaskill is a visual artist, illustrator and printmaker who works out of his studio in downtown Honolulu and at the Honolulu Printmakers' Studio in Honolulu. His artwork and award-winning original prints have been purchased by the State of Hawaii, the Honolulu Mayor’s office and by private collectors worldwide. John is the former president of Jomac Graphic Communications, Inc. and is an instructor at the Honolulu Museum Art School.

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Whatever I paint I must create a living image of it in my heart first, until I can make the transition to my art. Living in Hawaii for the last 20 years enables me to be surrounded by the best of both worlds. My works in monotypes, oil, tempera and sumi ink are an endless exploration of dynamic color combinations, lines, bold forms and a celebration of Eastern and Western influences artistically intertwined.

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Kamran Samimi

Kamran Samimi presents different ways to observe the world around us.  While his materials and techniques vary, Kamran creates works of art which are both a tribute and response to the rich landscapes found throughout Hawai’i. Through the use of dissection, repetition, and abstraction, he seeks to uncover the essence within all things, ultimately encouraging mindful contemplation.

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Brennan Simcock

Inspired by life in Hawai’i, Simcock works primarily in the technique of monoprinting, a process in which a drawing or painting is executed on a flat printing plate or other surface then transferred using pressure to paper. Only one strong impression can be made, hence the term monoprint. 

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George Woollard

George has been an artist and teacher living in Hawaii since 1977. He has an MFA in Printmaking and is known for his versatility and inventive style of working. In addition to making prints, he is a painter and a sculptor.  He has had 28 solo shows and has been in approximately 320 group, invitational or juried exhibitions. Venues have included galleries and museums in France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, Korea and Japan as well as spaces  in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles  and Honolulu.

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Sara Yukako 

Sara Yukako Sakakibara who was born and raised in Japan, now living in Honolulu, Hawaii since 1994. 
Following her art studies with several art and graphic design schools in Japan, she moved to Hawaii and has continued studying many different styles of arts including abstract, landscape, watercolor, acrylic, monotype prints, and mixed media. Yukako’s art has won multiple awards and she has participated in numerous art exhibitions in Hawaii over 30 years.

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