Maui Fine Art Printmaking Artist Listings

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Caroline Killhour

Caroline Killhour is a resident artist of Maui, Hawaii. She received her BFA degree from Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania and Rome, Italy and her AAS degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

Caroline’s artwork demonstrates spatial depth juxtaposed with decorative, colorful surfaces and patterns. She employs diagonals and jolting shifts of perspective in order to establish spatial angles of vision similar to those used in Japanese prints. In order to create contrast, Caroline’s work also exhibits a decorative flatness that attracts the viewer’s eye to the surface of the work. These opposing elements combine to invite the viewer to linger on the surface, focusing on the two-dimensional and ornamental qualities of her creation before observing the other three-dimensional aspects.

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Zenobia Lakdawalla

I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Maui, Hawaii. I grew up in Mumbai, India, and moved to Boston to study design at the Massachusetts College of Art.

With my art, my interests lie somewhere between conceptual art and minimalism. My work tends towards a minimalist vocabulary and a reductive aesthetic. My process is meditative, repetitive and methodical.  I am interested in ideas of perception and light, and tricking or cheating the eye. Texture, materiality and color play an important role. I like to use a variety of mediums, and often respond to the material itself, pushing the limits of the medium or using it in new and unique ways.

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Debra Lumpkins

Fish rubbings, known as gyotaku, is a Japanese technique where ink is applied to the body of a fish, then paper or fabric is laid onto the fish and gently rubbed to receive the ink. The result is a strikingly accurate record of the subject, but without being too serious, allowing the opportunity for expression and happy surprises.

The subjects of my passion are caught by local fishermen off Maui’s shores. I use nontoxic inks so every fish may be enjoyed in a meal afterward. I strive to capture the essence of my subject, sometimes exploring unconventional color combinations as I ink the fish and rub the paper or fabric, “feeling” the impression into existence.

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Abigail Romanchak

I see my prints as a way to empower and assert a sense of identity and Hawaiian culture through art.  As an artist, I seek to perpetuate traditional culture not through traditional means, but contemporary ones, so that it may endure for generations to come.  



Linda Whittemore

Whittemore is a printmaker and painter.  Her monotypes and paintings are the creative result of a life on Maui. Much of Linda’s subject matter is about the oceanscapes and volcanoes that surround her. Her paintings and monotypes are often an abstraction of the local landscape. 

Exhibiting every Monday at the Four Seasons Wailea  8:00am - 1:30pm

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