Maui Painting Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Larry Berko

My paintings are a combination of caprice and control. Fracture is important. Random marks, sloshed paint, or a scratched surface can be as significant as the carefully rendered. The scribble and the refined.

I often work with images drawn from the ocean community of my home in Maui.  The narrative I have created is left to the viewer’s interpretation. The viewer should see the paint as much as the image.



Melissa Chimera

A conservationist and Honolulu native of Lebanese and Filipino ancestry, Chimera's works contemplate our human role in globalization and its effects on our cultures and the environment.  Chimera has exhibited across Hawaii, the U.S., China, the Middle East and is the recipient of local honors, awards, international grants.


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Cudra Clover

Clover paints large, bold, and brilliant images on silk that delight and fascinate.  Her work blends the biological and the technological with an elegance that is both seductive and healing.  Clover is a silk painter, multimedia, and installation artist. She studied at Columbia College in Chicago and now lives in Hawaii and creates in her jungle studio on Maui. Her art is in the permanent collection of the Hawaii State Museum of Art and can also be seen in various other public spaces. She has exhibited in Chicago, Denver, Japan, China, Black Rock City, Honolulu, and Maui.

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Christina Dehoff

Christina DeHoff has many facets as an artist. A clear and recognizable theme runs through both her figurative visionary paintings and her landscape paintings. That theme is soulfulness. One can feel the presence of grace and love in her depiction of heart expanding oceans, sensual rolling hills and dream filled skies. The same emotions are equally potent in Christina’s figurative paintings. She has a unique, tender and intuitive way of communicating that which is sacred in this human experience. If your life has been a journey of following your heart and trusting in divine guidance you will be moved by the art of Christina DeHoff.

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Tracy Dudley

Nature and the outdoor world are Tracy’s main inspiration for her calm and thoughtful works. The glimpse of a twisted uprooted tree, patterns formed by the wind, water currents and the ever inspiring waves provide almost endless creative material. Colors and patterns, often unexpected, combined with skillful rendering invite a path to viewing the natural world with a unique focus.

Tracy currently paints with oils, acrylics on canvas or wood panels and the occasional watercolor.  She also works in many forms of original printmaking including hand pulled color lithographs, aquatint etching, woodblock and mono printing.

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Betty Hay Freeland

Betty Hay's perception of Hawaii is unlike that of any other artist. She began her painting career on location and continues to paint in plein air. Betty Hay spends considerable time exploring all of the Hawaiian Islands. She is Hawaiian/Caucasian with a notable Hawaiian ancestry. Many collectors feel that special insights and emotions experienced in viewing her art are due to this Hawaiian heritage and her passion for Hawaii. Her paintings bear a sensitivity that comes from her uninhibited familiarity with the land.  Many of her works provide an archetypal view of the “untouched Hawaii.”  Her gift is not so much with realistic portrayal, as with feeling and intrinsic qualities. It is said that her value as a chronicler of passing eras will be inestimable.



Carmen Gardner

For me, the deeper meaning in what I paint, lies in my passion to preserve the Maui I discovered when I came "home" in 1981.  The greens are greener here, the ocean bluer, the skies full of drama and light . . . but the true Maui is in the kama'aina, the kupuna who are leaving us.  They are the spirit behind the word "aloha," they are teaching me to see.  I hope to continue learning to view Maui not only through the eyes of an artist, but through the aging eyes of her beautiful people, and that I may one day come close to adequately saying with color and shapes that which I have "no words for."

Call me to make an appointment to stop by my Haiku, Maui studio - visitors are always welcome!

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Anna Good

Anna Good creates a romantic world of color and light; texture and beauty. Her paintings of scenic gardens and floral pathways convey a romantic view of the world she sees around her. Her unique palette knife layering technique of wet paint on wet paint gives her art distinctively rich texture and color to enhance its ethereal qualities. This romantic vision of life is a dynamic and evolving one that Anna has sought to share.

Kihei studio visits by appointment, please call to inquire.


Phone: (808) 249-2676

Brad Huck Hawaiiartdirectory.com

Brad Huck

Creating process driven panels, Huck is intrigued with the islands many micro-climates
and has developed vast respect for the omnipresent ocean that surrounds him.  His original works incorporate a variety of mediums and influences that allow for a dynamic and engaging experience for the viewer.

Brad exhibits every Sunday at the Four Seasons Wailea artist showcase 8:00am - 1:30pm.

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My creative focus is to convey the poetry of Hawaii. I am inspired to paint moments and capture them with passion and spontaneity.

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Phone : 808-573-4773

Gallery Address : 3625 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao, HI 96768


Anna Keay Fine Art

Beauty is said to follow the soul, be a friend of nature and lover of truth.  Anna Keay does just that, bringing her experiences of beauty directly to the canvas.  Finding that unique detail in nature, that lustful scent of each petal, delighting the eyes and soothing the soul, Anna's paintings perfectly capture natures magic.

Anna and her husband, glass artist John Lindquist, recently opened their own studio gallery in Lahaina called Kai Pua. You can meet Anna most days at Kai Pua and see live demonstrations daily.

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Diana Lehr

Diana Lehr is a visual artist working in multiple mediums, including painting, video, light projection and photography.

Light and motion trigger her imagination, providing inspiration. Diana started out focused on landscape painting - eventually moving into video to record the movement in her subject matter. Stalking the ephemeral, she explores natural phenomena. Her work brings into view things that often go unnoticed, hidden in plain sight, in a such a way that our perception is altered, because the viewer is often not sure what is being seen in her art. Her work was featured at the Vision LA film festival in Los Angeles and exhibited in New Orleans, San Diego, Philadelphia, Seattle, NYC, and Honolulu.

She was educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

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Lori Koprowski

Koprowski's dynamic original oil paintings depict the exaggerated female form with a mix of representation and abstraction.  The addition of butterflies and the circle and xo symbolism (hugs and kisses, yoga balls, landscapes and the female anatomy) have become a playful and provocative element in her current work.  Lori's work has been internationally exhibited from New York to Australia and in private and corporate collections around the world.

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Chad Paranto

Born into a family of artists, Chad has been creating art since his early childhood. His current work is comprised of ground minerals and pigments from stones mixed with a clear enamel and applied on many layers to create great depth similar to that of a gemstone or geode.  Each piece is vibrant and unique.  Chad's artwork can be found at Maui Fine Art Gallery in Kihei.

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Peter & Madeline Powell

It's not often that two individual artists are able to combine and express their talents to produce a single body of work.  Peter & Madeline Powell have this rare creative alliance.  Essentially, painting is a solo endeavor, yet the Powell's have accomplished a seamless blend of unity in their work.

Peter & Madeline are artists who have wed exacting technical photo realism to the sensual memories of one childhood's most pleasurable activities:  Eating Candy!  Not only getting it, but holding it, looking at it, and unwrapping it - the smell, touch shape & taste of it all come strikingly through the dramatically over-sized images of Hershey Kisses, Bazooka Bubble Gum, M&M's & lollipops - to name a few...  The Powell's also cover other subjects, most notably Toys, Crayons, Cars & Food.  No matter the subject, the viewer is pulled into a bursting world of form and color.




Robena's paintings range in subject matter from elegant florals and landscapes to figures and still life.  No matter the subject, each lush work of art embodies her spirit and passion for life and capture a precious piece of Maui. 



Eva Roberts

Flow painter Eva Roberts believes that form follows consciousness.  All that is visible appears through a refraction of the invisible, like the colors of a rainbow appearing from white light. In her studio process, Roberts discovers patterns in the splendor of liquid paint as it seeps from possibility to presence. She is fascinated by the idea that, in the whole universe, light is the only substance moving at a constant velocity. Roberts paints for that moment of radiance when a painting glows in synchrony with the stillness of its own light.

“Sometimes, as I witness the spectacle of sunlight on leaves in the wind, I know that just this is enough.  The existence of nature inspires me to explore the nature of existence: of the cosmos, the self, and the paint.”

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Studio Manager: (808) 346-3165


Wanda Russell

Wanda Russell is a full time Maui artist and draws her inspiration from a lifelong fascination with the arts and time spent living in Hawaii the Pacific Islands.  She earned a Fine Arts Degree from The University of Guam.

Her watercolors, oils and mixed media paintings radiate the luminous vitality of plants and landscapes. Shape and movement are important elements of her original designs. Her compositions in color theory give unity to her strong body of work.

Since 1994 Wanda has been collected and exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions around the Pacific.

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Stephanie Sachs

Luminous abstracted landscapes with the flow of a watercolor and the rich colors of an oil painting. Sometimes tranquil other times bold the paintings explore the familiar and the unknown.  Exhibiting Wednesday's Four Seasons Wailea upper lobby 5pm-10pm, Friday's Four Seasons Wailea lower lobby 8am - 1:30pm, Saturday's Wailea Beach Resort Marriott Wailea lobby 8am-2pm.

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Address : 2150 Wai Maka Place

Phone : 808-298-1600


Al Schwartz

Specializing in contemporary paintings with an emphasis on unique surface and design. Schwartz creates abstract paintings on panel and paper.

Kula showroom visits by appointment.

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Michael Stark

One of Hawaii’s acclaimed artists for 25 years, Michael’s wish is to share the primal beauty of island life.  A self-trained artist, he began his career painting sand dollars collected while diving in Florida and selling them in his native Oklahoma.  As a teen wandering the South Seas, Michael became fluent in traditional Polynesian culture.  The islanders taught him how to fish on the reef, climb coconut palms and survive in the jungle.  His primitive lifestyle was a major influence in his art.  Once you connect with his art, you’ll find that no one does the islands quite like Michael Stark.

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Phone : (808) 298-6186


Romeo Robert Tomei

For nearly half a century, Romeo Robert Tomei has been serving and enhancing the world of art.

The breadth and depth of his life-experience is mirrored in a wide scope of expression. From film, theater and design to palette and canvas, his work stretches across three continents; private collections, galleries, Fortune 500 companies and the White House. 

"The world of contemporary art is without limits. It opens the door to the observer, to use Their imagination, and to understand the artist's intention. It allows the viewer to observe, in the Language of the artist, the infinity of all things."


Phone: (808) 214-0910

Jeanne Young Fine ARt

The excitement and joy of being fully present and experiencing all the vivacity of life is what sparks my creative fire. My work is a celebration of life, it's me embracing the exhilaration of facing my epic adventure as part of this universe.

An insuppressible passion combined with years of intensive study and skill development under modern day masters results in paintings that are often a combination of two extremes; an uninhibited, abstract dance of color supporting classically painted subjects.

Showing every Thursday 5pm - 10pm at the Four Seasons in Wailea. Represented by Turnbull Gallery, Maui Hands, Village Galleries, and Gottling Home Store.

Studio visits by appointment, please contact me to arrange a time.

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