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Brad Huck Hawaii Art Directory

Brad Huck

Creating process driven mixed media panels, Huck is intrigued with the islands many micro-climates
and has developed vast respect for the omnipresent ocean that surrounds him.  His original works incorporate a variety of mediums and influences that allow for a dynamic and engaging experience for the viewer.

Brad exhibits every Sunday at the Four Seasons Wailea artist showcase 8:00am - 1:30pm.

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Zenobia Lakdawalla

I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Maui, Hawaii. I grew up in Mumbai, India, and moved to Boston to study design at the Massachusetts College of Art.

With my art, my interests lie somewhere between conceptual art and minimalism. My work tends towards a minimalist vocabulary and a reductive aesthetic. My process is meditative, repetitive and methodical. I am interested in ideas of perception and light, and tricking or cheating the eye. Texture, materiality and color play an important role. I like to use a variety of mediums, and often respond to the material itself, pushing the limits of the medium or using it in new and unique ways.

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Chad Paranto

Born into a family of artists, Chad has been creating art since his early childhood. His current work is comprised of ground minerals and pigments from stones mixed with a clear enamel and applied on many layers to create great depth similar to that of a gemstone or geode.  Each piece is vibrant and unique.  Chad's artwork can be found at Maui Fine Art Gallery in Kihei.

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Phone : (808) 222-3055

Wanda Russell

Mixed Media Resin Paintings in watercolor, acrylic, oil & resin layered on a white or aluminum panels ready to hang with or without a frame. These various transparent layers take on a glass like quality.

Wanda Russell is a full time Maui artist and draws her inspiration from a lifelong fascination with the arts and time spent living in Hawaii the Pacific Islands.  She earned a Fine Arts Degree from The University of Guam.

Since 1994 Wanda has been collected and exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions around the Pacific.

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Phone : (808) 250-4663


Jennifer Stephens

Raised on the island of Maui, Jennifer J Stephens creates many works in paint, photography, found object and digital media that capture her unique and whimsical perspective.

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Phone : 808-276-2314

Romeo Robert Tomei

For nearly half a century, Romeo Robert Tomei has been serving and enhancing the world of art.

The breadth and depth of his life-experience is mirrored in a wide scope of expression. From film, theater and design to palette and canvas, his work stretches across three continents; private collections, galleries, Fortune 500 companies and the White House. 

"The world of contemporary art is without limits. It opens the door to the observer, to use Their imagination, and to understand the artist's intention. It allows the viewer to observe, in the Language of the artist, the infinity of all things."


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