Kauai Painting Artist Listings

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. She has worked for over 15 years as a backdrop of artist for theaters such as the Berlin Opera and the Opera House in Bern, Switzerland. She now lives on quiet

Patrizia Arroyo

Patrizia Arroyo studied fine art at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. After extensive travels all over the world, she returned to start an apprenticeship as a scenic artist. She has worked for over 15 years as a backdrop artist for theaters such as the Berlin opera and the Opera House In Bern, Switzerland. She now lives on Kauai.

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Art of Kauai by Pepe

Artist Patrick 'Pepe' Conley perfectly captures the spirit of Hawaii by applying a masterful balance of light and color to his captivating imagery. Available in originals and reproductions. 

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Craig Freeman

Rich color abstracts inspired by the beauty of Hawaii and mystical vibrancy of the landscape.

Craig has received numerous awards and exhibited in galleries and museums from east to west coast. His art can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Japan, Canada, and the US.  

Keeping a full art studio schedule, Craig travels throughout Hawaii, the mainland, and Europe always in search for inspiration. You will usually find Craig out in the field painting water genre, landscapes or portraits. Favorite painting spots are Hawaii, Northwest, California, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Craig is founder and owner of Palms Gallery in Poipu Kauai Hawaii. Located at the Shops of Kukui'ula, one of the most popular destinations on Kauai with many shops, restaurants, and galleries.

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Mac James

Painting and drawing on Kaua'i since 2004 provides endless unique subjects to ponder and present, most often from everyday life on the Island. Ever moving air and water currents keep weather going and always in flux. On the land, in the sea and air, living creatures animal and plant alike share events of the day combined with evolution and current environmental armageddon. This flux and flow of elements and nature is what I emulate in drawing and painting. Working outside at different spots and times of day evolves the cocoon of capturing nature in virtual time, place and light of the hour. Light and subjects come to pass then forward on.
Field notes taken are a useful tool later in the studio to remind color and thoughts of the day. There is an endless array of materials, pigments, and tools available in nature here for painting, mark making, printing and sculpting to further combine imagination with reality of place. Hand in hand is the profound genuine oneness of the spirit realm offering endless subject matter. I aim to continue to awake and live Kaua'i as artist and lucky man; working each day inspired by past, present and future story yet to come.

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Kelly Keane

My life revolves around the ocean. It is where I feel the most at peace, and also my greatest artistic inspiration. I am fascinated by the swirling colors and patterns of the waters surface, above and below. I aspire to capture not only its beauty, but also the serenity of the ocean with my art.

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Max Lemaire

"Creativity and intuition have been the guiding forces in my life.  I see the world differently than most people.  I see the pattern that nature builds with. I see the sky as layers of paint.  I see shape and curves infinitely repeated. I see lights when I close my eyes."

Hanalei Gallery Hours : Mon-Wed 11-5, Thurs-Fri 2-8, Sat 11-8

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Phone : (808) 755-5605


Stephen Lucas

With a “non-objective” perspective and a vibrant palette, Stephen Lucas produces strong abstract works of art imbued with his spirituality and desire to express new realms of his imagination. Lucas’ non-representational artwork translates emotion and culture onto canvas, paper or panel. Each piece integrates vibrant colors and fluid brush strokes in oil, acrylic or watercolor and ink.

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isa Maria

Art as Magic - Oil Paintings & Custom Portraits

I love to paint the human form, defined by the touch of light & shadow. I focus on bringing alive, in myself and in you, the natural state of being we long for:  relaxation, strength, trust, connection, and freedom.  For me, a successful painting releases the fragrance of the sacred and the sensual into the space where it hangs.  It mirrors the beauty and power that is you. 

My subjects are both real people and timeless mythical archetypes.  With brilliant tropical colors, I paint a hula dancer as a priestess greeting the sunrise, a female canoe paddler as Hotumatua the first Polynesian navigator, my own daughters as mermaids, a couple relaxing on the beach as the gods whose lovemaking created the world.

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Giorgio Naranjo

Giorgio has been painting since the age of 11 years. Born in Ecuador and having created art throughout Central and South America, Europe and the Orient, he has been a resident in the Hawaiian Islands since 1981 and has chosen the beautiful island of Kauai as his home and favorite subject to paint.    Giorgio’s virtually new approach to capturing the beauty of Hawaii and beyond is his trademark. Called “Plein air”, Giorgio “sculpts” vibrant images with color. His paintings radiate unique dimensions and incredible depths. 

Visit Giorgio's Gallery @ Kilohana

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Phone : 808-245-3939  Cell : 808-651-6746 - Address: 3-2087 Kamualii Hwy, Lihue



Natasha Young

Natasha comes from the beautiful island of Kauai where she has been creating art since a young age.  As a child she enjoyed experimenting with various 2-d and 3-d media ranging from crafts, to pastels, to soap stone. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and has since focused much of her time on her creative talents and professional art career. In 2018, Natasha won the prestigious Jurors' Choice Award for Schaefer Portrait Challenge Exhibition on Maui.