Kauai Mixed Media Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Liedeke Bulder

Liedeke works in mixed media on paper, canvas and wood, applying in delicate washes her signature addition of bistre, the European Old Master pigment made from soot, thereby creating haunting memento mori, symbols of dying and rising. She is best known in the Hawaiian islands for her paintings of orchids, fragile yet fierce and elegant.

"Art for me is about making order out of the chaos of our human condition,"  she says.  Water, sailboats and ocean are metaphors she is now exploring.  When working on wood, Liedeke pays close attention to the grain and lets a textural process unfold in oils, acrylics, ink and pencil.  

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Phone : (808) 652-8234


Natasha Young

Natasha comes from the beautiful island of Kauai where she has been creating art since a young age.  As a child she enjoyed experimenting with various 2-d and 3-d media ranging from crafts, to pastels, to soap stone. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and has since focused much of her time on her creative talents and professional art career. Aside from her exceptional paintings and drawings, Natasha also creates stunning mixed media designs made from a variety of materials such as feathers and wood.