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Printmaker Kauai

To create the highest quality reproduction of your art, we need the best quality digital capture. We capture your watercolor, oil or acrylic painting using a BetterLight Super 6K scan back mounted on 4X5 Toyo view camera using a Rodenstock apochromatic lens. This combination results in a 309 MB file which will create giclée prints up to 40×60 inches. We use polarized HID lighting which is safe for delicate works of art while providing the extreme intensity needed for accurate color rendition. Our NorthLight 900 HID light banks provide full coverage for paintings up to 48×72 inches. This copy setup is cross-polarized to remove all distracting reflections from paints and varnishes. We’ve color profiled our system in order to provide the most accurate color captures. 

For smaller works of art, such as watercolor paintings, drawings,  and photographs up to 12×17 inches, we use an Epson 11000 high resolution flatbed scanner. This 16 bit scanner captures images in native resolutions up to 4800 ppi, providing files of sufficient quality for enlargements. Capture files are delivered to you on disc, thumb drive or via an upload such as Dropbox.  Please contact us for an appointment.

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