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Island Eclectic

Island Eclectic encompasses a diverse skill set and works on both commercial and residential design projects. 

Founded in 2017 by Scott Yoell and Margo Ray; creative professionals who focus on quality fabrication of custom design projects.

We work and collaborate with a diverse group of passionate artisans with backgrounds in design, fine art, sculpture and architecture.

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Tiffany’s Art Agency

Quality. Beauty. The quest for mastery. You can sense it—see it, feel it, touch it.

These are all things I look for in the artists I choose to represent. For artists, mastery is a journey of self discovery. Their passion, drive, and energy (or mana), is attached to each original work of art. You can feel it, which is why I only represent original works. The designer, maker, and collector in me are all fulfilled through this work by sharing it with you. Mahalo for your appreciation of Hawaii’s master artists.

Located in Hawi Gallery hours 11 am – 4 pm | Daily

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Phone: (808) 747-5882



Maui Fine Art

Professional Art Services Maui offers Free On-Site Consultation, where they come to your location to help you determine exactly what colors, size and style you are looking for. Chad and his team will put together a portfolio of options for you to review with your client. Once a decision is made, and the order is processed, delivery and installation are scheduled. Designers love us for saving you time to focus on other aspects of the project.

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Phone : (808) 463-9383


Siiro Art Source & Consulting

Your complete art source and consulting service. For the love of local & beyond.

Art is the soul of a room or a space. We match hearts and souls, emotions and circumstances through thoughtful curation to meet the greater goals in anyone's life. The result? Purposeful art - the right effect through art on a space.

For the love of local, we visit local artist studios, local art galleries, support local art organizations on Maui and across the Hawaiian Islands. But we don’t stop there. Our paths cross with incredible artists from all over. We see new works and meet new artists almost daily. Sharing these discoveries with you, is our passion.

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Email | Office (808) 769-6880 | Cell (715) 220-2818