Big Island Printmaking Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Lisa Louise Adams

Lisa Louise Adams is a visual artist and art educator living in the beautiful rain forest of Volcano, Hawaii. She enjoys creating and teaching in a variety of media from paintings, prints, paper, and poetry to books, pottery, and quilts. Her inspiration is the beauty and mystery of nature. She is fascinated with color, line and texture in all media.

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Phone : (808) 756-1177


Marcia Ray

Marcia Ray lives and paints at her home studio, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her body of work spans oil paintings, watercolors, mosaics, standing art screens, furniture, and wood carvings. Large scale murals can be seen in resorts, hospitals, and shopping centers on the Island. In addition to being an accomplished artist she also teaches art classes at Anna Ranch Heritage Center in Kamuela, HI.



Margo Ray

Margo is a visual artist who engages in printmaking, collage and installation.

“In my work I have established an iconic language inspired by the rural Hawaiian landscape, where the ‘wild west’ of American myth is here pushed to the edge of westward expansion. Utilizing collage, print media, installation and animation, this iconography populates surreal geographies of beauty, color and line in an ongoing personal narrative of an intruder in a secret garden. Using the allegory of landscape, I explore notions of displacement, vulnerability and authenticity as well as my relationship to natural and super natural worlds; drawing attention to the complicated triangulation of relationships between man, land, and animal and notions of freedom, invasiveness and belonging.”

Margo is a member of AGGROculture Collective, a Hawai'i Island based contemporary art collective and co -owner of a Island Eclectic, an art and design firm. 

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Andrea Pro

Creating art invites me to slow down and pay attention to what is right in front of me. I feel wonder and joy seeing so many shades of blue in the sky, the ecstatic red lehua flowers wilting to muddy brown on their way to seed, and the darting tongue of a honeybee collecting nectar. My purpose is to share with you atmosphere, colors, textures, and yes, even the sound of life in Hawaii through the art of printmaking.

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Phone : (808) 347-0507