Big Island Painting Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Rose Adare

A classically trained evocative artist, Adare's newest series explores the dynamic cultural identities of the twenty-first century. Using corsetry as a symbol of Restraint & Revolution, Adare's provocative, noble, and intimate portraits appear to breathe on the canvas.

"Paintings are reflections in time, captured, still breathing. These windows to another's soul are to be examined by all, beheld by many and moved by what I can hope for, within you."

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Henry Bianchini

Henry Bianchini was born in 1935. Since settling in Hawaii in 1969, he has distinguished himself internationally as a sculptor, painter, printmaker, and craftsman. He has earned several Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts commissions, as well as numerous corporate commissions and awards. Henry works with a wide variety of materials, including bronze, stone, concrete, steel, ceramics, wood, clay, and paper in his own foundry, kiln and production studio. His experience includes creating and installing works that are part of overall building and landscape design (gates, walls, sculptural installations). Henry has a strong sense of Hawaiian culture and art and an affinity with early Hawaiian voyagers. He originally sailed to Hawaii from Southern California on his self-built trimaran, “Island Dancer” in August 1969. As he approached the Island of Hawaii, he viewed the eruption of Mauna Ulu from 200 miles at sea.  The experience left him with a unique sense of the dynamic and creative forces manifested in the Island of Hawaii, his home for more than 50 years.

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Beth McCormick

Beth McCormick is a largely self-taught artist, working in diverse media including sculpture, featherwork, and painting.  As a child she fell in love with unusual architecture, and later had the opportunity to purchase and renovate the Onion House in Kailua-Kona, part of her family’s legacy. Beth McCormick’s art and home have been chronicled in numerous television and print features, and her artwork has been shown in over 90 galleries nationwide and abroad.  Her work is in many private collections, including the Michael Rosenberg Collection in London, and the Chris Hemmeter Collection in Hawaii. 

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Peggy McKinsey

It took only one visit to Hawaii in 1976, for Peggy to fall in love with the flowers, the land and the people. Each time she returned to Hawaii she found it more and more difficult to leave.

In 2008 she finally realized her dream, making her home on the Big Island of Hawaii, also known as the ‘Orchid Isle’.  Now the beauty of Hawaii surrounds her every day and inspires the art that brings her such joy. “My greatest desire is to paint orchids, to capture their elegant beauty, the wonder of their dramatic colors, the ruffle of their petals, and their essence of Hawaii.” 

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Ira Ono

Award winning Hawaii artist Ira Ono has been a celebrated creative force in the arts for over 40 years. The experience of living in the Volcano rain forest and studying its changing moods has provided inspiration for many of Ira's paintings. In the blink of an eye, everything changes and even the most mundane objects can take on a mystical quality. Ira has a number of works in the Hawaii State Museum and the Hilo Art Museum. His pieces have found their way into important collections in this country as well as Europe and Japan.

His studio and Gallery our house from Hawaii volcanoes national Park. Thousands of guests from all over the world and seekers of fine arts and Hawaiian crafts visit yearly.


Address: 19-3834 Old Volcano Road Volcano, Hawaii 96785


Marcia Ray

Marcia Ray lives and paints at her home studio, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her body of work spans oil paintings, watercolors, mosaics, standing art screens, furniture, and wood carvings. Large scale murals can be seen in resorts, hospitals, and shopping centers on the Island. In addition to being an accomplished artist she also teaches art classes at Anna Ranch Heritage Center in Kamuela, HI.



Alexander Rokoff

Alexander is a contemporary figurative painter currently living on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  He was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he worked under various artists and became fluent in multiple two and three-dimensional disciplines. This path led to a painting style that is both sculptural and painterly.  Rokoff's central focus has always been the figure. It is here that he explores the language of gesture and expression and creates imagery that is evocative and timeless. In 2014, Alexander visited Hawai’i and was captivated by the people and the beauty of the Big Island. Just a few short years later he relocated his home and Rokoff Studio to the Island of Hawai’i. Here, Alexander and his fiancé / Rokoff Studio Director, Camille Messina, show new collections regularly and host painting lessons, all with a passion to keep the flame of craftsmanship alive.

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Christina Skaggs

Christina Skaggs believes that her work is infused by metaphysical forces and that this interaction with spirits and ghosts from ancient global civilizations is what endows their inspirational backbone. “Makes my job easy, except that they drop in at the most inconvenient times” she jests.

Skaggs’ work has been presented at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art in Dallas Texas, selected by the curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2016 and in 2017 by the curator at the LA County Museum of Art. Last March the Architectural Digest Design Show invited her to show a large collection of her work in NYC. Skaggs zen like uniquely textured paintings are collected at luxury homes and five star hotels, notably at the entry to the spa at the Four Seasons Hualalai and in the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.

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Bonnie Sol

It starts with an experience, a feeling, and a subject.
I’m drawn to the way light surfs the waves, the way sunset streaks across the sky, the way wind blows through the palms. From the boldness of the distant mountain as it rises above the clouds, to the intricacies of a flower as it opens to the sun, I find myself compelled to pick up a paint brush.
I paint in thin layers, building up colors and saturation on the canvas or board. I usually have multiple paintings going at one time to allow drying time between layers. When the painting reaches the image in my mind’s eye, capturing the moment, relaying my vision of the world, then it is done.

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