Big Island Mixed Media Artist Listings

Listed in alphabetical order


Michael Cromwell

My life experience as an artist guides my instincts and observations of subject matter, composition, textures, colors, and form. The resulting art is an ongoing exploration and experimentation of mediums and techniques consisting of abstract or still life photo-compositions, photographic and mixed media collages, nature photography, and wooden assemblages with found objects.



Laurie Goldstein

I find great inspiration living in Hawaii. There is so much beauty – from the glorious sunsets, to the opulently colored flowers. The leaves of the plants, the shoreline, the clouds rolling in and views of the ocean all provide shapes, colors and ideas that I find intriguing. I come home from every trip to marvel at how beautiful and soul satisfying our lives here are – and then I am inspired again and again to go into my studio and create. Although my paper and mixed-media collages are not representational, in my mind I am honoring something I have seen or experienced so it IS representative of something to me.

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Margo Ray

Margo is a visual artist who engages in printmaking, collage and installation.

“In my work I have established an iconic language inspired by the rural Hawaiian landscape, where the ‘wild west’ of American myth is here pushed to the edge of westward expansion. Utilizing collage, print media, installation and animation, this iconography populates surreal geographies of beauty, color and line in an ongoing personal narrative of an intruder in a secret garden. Using the allegory of landscape, I explore notions of displacement, vulnerability and authenticity as well as my relationship to natural and super natural worlds; drawing attention to the complicated triangulation of relationships between man, land, and animal and notions of freedom, invasiveness and belonging.”

Margo is a member of AGGROculture Collective, a Hawai'i Island based contemporary art collective and co -owner of a Island Eclectic, an art and design firm. 

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Ira Ono

Award winning Hawaii artist Ira Ono has been a celebrated creative force in the arts for over 40 years. Like a miniature art gallery, Ira's collages are a multi-dimensional and colorful melange of recycled treasures. The mixed media pieces incorporate original work, found objects and recycled materials. The result is a visual explosion of imagery and forms. Viewers are engaged by a wide range of media and subject matter. At first look, a piece may appear quite bejeweled, but closer inspection reveals items from the everyday world transformed by Ira's creativity and vision. By focusing on the mundane, each work implies a secret message.

His studio and Gallery our house from Hawaii volcanoes national Park. Thousands of guests from all over the world and seekers of fine arts and Hawaiian crafts visit yearly.


Address: 19-3834 Old Volcano Road Volcano, Hawaii 96785