Big Island Jewelry Artists

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Melina Castro Jewelry

My main inspiration is the beauty of nature and the raw fierce sensuality of the flowing lava. I see them as mysterious and powerful, unapologetic and uncompromising in their creativity…. traits that I embrace and strive for in my own work. 

Metal has become my favorite medium. At first glance it appears to be cold, solid, and flat, but it actually has the ability to bend, be formed, and to be fused into other metals.  When heated to a certain temperature it melts with a glowing incandescent light that reminds me of lava. In this molten state a magical process of transformation occurs where infinite possibilities exist. As it cools down, the radiance dissipates and it solidifies revealing the intention of its creator.

Custom commissions available.

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Amy Flanders - Mer Made Designs

Featuring unique and one-of-a-kind sterling and stone jewelry and adornment by award winning designer Amy Flanders.  Handmade, fully fabricated sterling bezels showcase unique and unusual hand-cut stones and fossils from around the world.

A stone cutter and silversmith living on the Big Island of Hawaii, Flanders has been making jewelry for over fifteen years and embraces the full process from mining to fabrication and marketing.  All of her jewelry is hand made, none of her pieces are cast.  Constantly experimenting and exploring new ideas her studio, she offers a dynamic range of jewelry lines.

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Sheinfeld Rodriguez

A contemporary design studio and family of three, living life on the remote, breathing, ever-changing volcanic Island of Hawaii.  Our multi-disciplinary background in architecture, design, and off-the-grid living inspires us to create a fluid dialogue between the technical and natural worlds.

Each of our pieces is evolved from an experience, an element, a place, a moment in time, a sharing of our life. Technology allows us to capture our impressions; time-honored artisanal techniques marry our contemporary aesthetic with traditional handcrafting.

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Phone : (347) 766-4051