Big Island Fine Art Photographer Listings

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Kathleen T. Carr

Kathleen Thormod Carr is an award winning and internationally published fine art photographer, author and teacher.

Specializing in digital infrared, Photoshop techniques, hand coloring, and underwater photography. Kathleen takes a fresh look at the world around her and translates her vision and felt experience into her photographic work. Whatever photographic medium she works in, her photography speaks to the viewer on emotional and spiritual levels. In her own words, "I am fascinated by the energy I sense within the forms I am photographing. Using a variety of techniques, I experiment with ways to express this presence more tangibly. Caring deeply about nature, especially when I see such environmental destruction in the world, I want my photography to inspire people to honor the earth and all who live upon it."

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Michael Cromwell

My photography is more about creating a composite image rather than recording a single scene or event. I am continually inspired by found objects mainly discovered during nature hikes where my heightened state of consciousness inspires visual statements on nature's delicate existence and the process of decay. I also find or paint textures and images that are later photographed and incorporated as part of my work flow process.



Andrew Richard Hara

Hara’s photography is relentless in the pursuit of capturing distinctive images of planet Earth.

His passion for the visual arts fuels his keen observations of Hawai‘i’s extraordinary landscapes and synonymous beauty of human-made structures marked by clean lines, contemporary influences, and a strong play of the forces of light. His photographs record the space between moments or objects, applying the concept of trying to visually capture the indescribable ethereal quality of feeling and existing within a moment.

Among other recognition’s, Andrew continues to support and work with progressive sciences, environmental conservation, and numerous organizations in efforts to help lead the next generation into a thriving, responsible, and compassionate future. His current client list includes National Geographic Society, NASA, CERN, Vanity Fair, BBC, Time Magazine, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and many more.

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Beau Jack Imua Key

My connection to the land is deep. I see it differently. When I go out, camera in hand, ready to capture moments in time, I see my ancestors before me. I see the beauty they saw—and that’s what I work to capture. To tell their story, but also, it’s my story. They didn’t have the technology we have, so they composed legends, songs, and created hulas to document it. They walked over the same landscape that I do.

Each image I capture speaks to me on some level. Through them I convey the same love and respect as my ancestors did for this beautiful land. I hope it can be felt in my work and awaken it in you. I love to make people smile and light up through shared appreciation of the beauty of Hawaiʻi.

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Andrzej Kramarz

Kramarz is a Polish - American artist, lecturer, curator, and editor of photography books.

Using photography, found pictures, archives, audio and video, Andrzej is primarily a conceptual artist who creates installations that explore the function of people, places, and objects in the construction of mnemonics – those fictions by which we revivify the past, extrapolate the future, and invent the present.




Sarah Lee

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Sarah grew up as a long-distance competitive swimmer, water polo player and an avid surfer. She bought her first camera at age 15, and quickly became as attached to her viewfinder as she was to the sea. Photographic artistry also came naturally, and she was quickly hired to capture people’s most precious moments. While Sarah snapped her first few photos on land, as soon as she went beneath the surface of the ocean, her talent for photography and ease at working in some of the most difficult environments catapulted the demand for her work.

In the last decade, Sarah’s photos have appeared on the home page of National Geographic, Instagram, CNN, and in magazines from Cosmopolitan to the covers of Standup Paddle Magazine. Her images have a distinct style that’s also recognized on social media where she has tens of thousands of followers.

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Don Slocum

Don is a professional photographer living on Hawai'i Island, which he has called home for nearly thirty years. Inspired by the natural and raw beauty of the Hawaiian Islands he spends a lot of time in Volcanoes National Park, around the majestic Mauna Kea, and various shore front locations on the west side of the Big Island. He says, “With its rich assortment of locations and wide diversity Hawaii Island may be unmatched on planet earth.” 

Don’s traditional photography skills greatly influence the work he does with digital cameras. While many artists today will layer or composite a number of images in the editing room, Don prefers the single-shot approach, meaning that all of his images are actual reflections of reality and are true events he was present for.

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