Big Island art classes & workshop listings

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Adare Art Classes

Adare has been teaching for a few decades now. They started running the art programs for developmentally disabled persons in Marin Day Activity Center (MDAC). Later they worked for Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) and became one of their top teachers with focus on Illustrator and Photoshop for the artist. Adare then opened their Hawaii studio to teach drawing and painting as they had learned from the Atelier (European-style art school) and this is where we find them today.

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Phone: (808) 430-8552


Akamai Art Supply

Akamai Art Supply offers art classes in a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylic, oils, and more! Visit our website to view our class schedule and sign up.

Open Monday - Saturday 9:30 - 5:30

Located at Hale Kui Plaza - 73-4976 Kamanu Street #108 - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740

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Phone : (808) 334-0292


Akamai Woods - Syd Vierra

Learn to turn beautiful wood bowls and vessels with Syd Vierra. Now offering on demand, one-on-one private lessons or 2 students.

Syd has been wood turning since 2001 and is considered one of Hawaii's finest. 

Reknown for his craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion for his Hawaiian cultural traditions, he recently earned the official title of Kālai ‘Umeke (expert bowl maker) and official Bowl Maker of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I.

For more information about private lessons contact him directly.

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Phone: (808) 982-5836


Donkey Mill Art Center

The Donkey Mill Art Center is a community art center serving West Hawaii residents and visitors at our facility in Holualoa. We also provide art education and experiences in local schools, and throughout our community.

We offer classes, workshops, and events for artists of all levels, and present world-class art and culture exhibits year round. Our gift shop provides local artists with a venue to sell their work, and enables art lovers to support the work of local makers.


Phone : 808-322-3362

Address : 78-6670 Mamalahoa Hwy. Holualoa, Hawaii 96725

east hawaii cultural center web.jpg

East Hawaii Cultural Center

We are an inclusive platform for the expression of the rich and complex cultural diversity that defines our communities through exhibitions, performances, workshops, and creative inquiry.  A vibrant and thriving gathering place centered on art and culture where the ever-evolving voices of our local communities inspire dialogue and action toward establishing healthy and generative communities, local and beyond.

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Address:  141 Kalakaua St, Hilo, HI 96720  

Phone: 808-961-5711


Zoe Johnson - Porcelain Ocean

Zoë offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year.  Her studio is located in Kamuela, Hawaii, the headquarters of Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is open year-round for tours.

Clay, at it's most basic level, is not at all difficult to work with, it's the very first art medium many of us are introduced to as children and when approached with a beginner's mindset, expectation-free and exploratory, is a wonderful, expressive, playful medium loaded with innumerable possibilities. It works with you, (almost) never against you, nothing is permanent, any unwanted marks can be smoothed over easily...clay reflects the maker's desire immediately, it responds to every touch, firm, gentle or in between.  

Contact Zoë today or check her website for more information!

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Patti Pease Johnson

Patti Pease Johnson teaches art workshops in three mediums: liquid dye on silk, soft pastel, and watercolor at various locations around Hawaii Island.

The great part is you don't have to come up with any supplies -- just show up to have fun with your personal creative time while I gently guide your muse to be free with yourself and trusting of your own intuition. 

For a full schedule please visit the link below.

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Tevita Kunato

The goal of opening my shop up to the public is simply to expose interested people to the very rewarding and exciting world of creativity in wood carving.  I teach Oceania genre but most of my students decide to go in another direction, one that excites them.

For visitors who are interested in a wood carving workshop.  Please contact me and I'll put something together for you based on your goal, the number of days you are available and level of experience.  Short workshops are geared toward learning how to execute one item ie; a fish hook, bowl, model canoe.  

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Phone : (949) 338-0638


Rokoff Studio

After a lifetime of creating art and studying with master artists, Rokoff became fluent in multiple two and three-dimensional disciplines. His experience brought him to Paris, France, and Norway for a two-year apprenticeship working with world-renowned figurative oil painter, Odd Nerdrum. In 2003, driven to pass on the timeless techniques he had learned and some that he created, Alexander began teaching oil painting and launched Rokoff Studio. After running Rokoff Studio for 15 years in Portland, Oregon, Alexander relocated to the Big Island of Hawai'i and now teaches his students the enduring art of plein air oil painting. 

Alexander will walk you through the ins and outs of creating a timeless landscape oil painting in the breathtaking setting of Hawai'i. Rokoff Studio will take care of all the onsite painting details, so after you book your accommodations, all you need to do is show up to paint a masterpiece. 

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Phone: (503) 719-1249


Don Slocum Photography Classes and Tours

Offering one on one personal photographic tours, training, and organized group field trips, I can create a special experience for you here.  I can take you alone or form a small group to go to one of my special sunset locations, a dark corner to capture the Milky Way, or, off to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to get unforgettable volcanic images.  Iʻm also available for travel on all islands if desired. It will be an experience of a lifetime as well as a balanced learning session to improve your photography skills.  We can plan, together, a session for the ages!

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Phone : (808) 640-4921


Volcano Spiral Triangle Studios

Classes by Lisa Louise Adams

Ongoing hand building Clay classes: Friday mornings 2.5 hours  

Private art lessons in: Bookbinding, drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, printmaking, quilting, pottery…

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Phone : (808) 756-1177